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New Personalization Features: Add Your Pages & Half Star Rating

Rose's Notes: Guys, I'm reblogging this because someone asked about having to add static pages (About Me, Profiles, Review Policies, etc.) on a profile: this is the function of pages on site, as far as I can tell. Read onward from this post from BookLikes staff to find out more about it and the half-star feature.



We’re happy to announce that we have prepared two new features for you: half star rating system and adding new pages.


We hope you’ll enjoy rating and reviewing books with ½ stars (although we still count on many 5 star book reviews) and if Blog, Shelf, Timeline sites are not enough for you, you can add a new page or even two to your existing personal webpage. New pages can be used as you wish, e.g. as “About Me” page or "Disclaimer" (we know it’s especially important for German BookLikers who want to use their own domains).

To add new Page go to a new tab in Settings: Pages and make it happen by adding Page’s title, address, text or URL and clicking “Add Page”. Simple! New site will pop up in your Menu in public view of your webpage next to Blog, Shelf and Timeline.


The new page won’t be visible in Dashboard view in the upper navigation bar but you can manage them, modify, add new and delete them any time you want in your Pages Settings


If you have any questions drop us a line in comments below.