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[REBLOG] How to get a profile – with a pretty link in your menu and everything.

This is what you'll get:



Yes, I don’t remember much about html. I’ve been playing around with web pages 5 years ago, so figuring it out took me a while. But things are slowly coming back. I know nobody will read it without pretty pictures, so I’ll provide them, damn it. See how much I love you? (not really, I just don’t want to keep on following strangers, so do me a hugest favour and organize a profile!).


*WARNING: I’m not certain how it’ll work out on other themes. Details may vary.


1. Step one – create a post that will act as your profile.


Just a normal text post. You done? Good. Publish it.


2. Step two– time to add some html code.


Go to your settings.


Open a 'blog’ tab.




Scroll down to:




 Click on:



Now, don’t be afraid. Find this bit. (just ctrl+f -> type ‘menu’; it'll take you to the right place)





Now, this is the code you’ll need:



                    My profile (or whatever you want actual  displayed words to be)



So you need a link to your earlier profile post. Find it. Go to your blog page, open this particular post in a new window and copy url.


You end up with something like this:


                    My profile


Now, take that whole piece of code and put it there:









Don’t forget to save:




Now your page should look like this:



Once you click the button it’ll take you to that ‘profile’ post.






There. Now you get a pretty, pretty button consistent with your page and I don't get a feeling like I'm following random people (or being stalked by random people... )