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Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma Pros:* Well developed characters* Well developed world* Carefully crafted storyCons:* Subject matter* Screaming, "how could you make me care about these people so much!"* Leads to odd googlingThis is a young adult novel that crushed my adult heart. I feel abused and trifled with. I tried to steel my heart against Lochan and Maya. I read the jacket cover, I knew what was coming. I figured if I could get through Flowers in the Attic with just a few guffaws and WTFs, I could make it through this. I couldn't. I cared about the characters. Not just in the way you care whether the heroine would end up with the bad boy love interest, but whether or not there would be food on the table or if they would make it through the next week. Then... the *&%$!ing ending. It was painful, but really the only way the story could resolve. I mean, this is the cruel thing that the reader knows, that their fantasies of running off and living together were childish notions. Also, this book will leave you with questions. Don't google them. Seriously, just don't. There are some weird ass people on the internet.