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So, I really liked the first book....and, I really wanted to love this series. But sometimes, Charley is just too, well, Charley.


I get it, she's snappy with the comebacks -- but no one's inner monologue is that witty. Especially when being attacked, finding armed men in your apartment at 3 am, or you know, being stabbed. 


What I loved about these books was that Charley is supernatural, but she is also human and fallible. Sort of a Grim Reaper version of Stephanie Plum. And with the wisecracks, she is what my grandmother would have referred to as a "sassy broad." But in this book it was just too, too much.


Kira has an excellent review over at Goodreads (because I can't figure out how to get to the review here on booklikes), where she compares Charley to Sean from Psych or Lorelai from Gilmore Girls. I've only seen a few episodes of GG, but I love Psych.


And what I realized is that Charley (in this book) is Sean without people around him. What makes Psych so funny is that Gus is the straight man to his antics, he's in on the entire joke. And even when Gus has his moments of silliness, he is still grounded in reality because Dule Hill is an amazing actor. And the folks not in the full con, still don't put up with Sean's behavior. He reins it in from time-to-time.


And that's my problem with this book. Even certain death doesn't rein in Charley. It's like a 15 year-old got a hold of a time machine, sat down and thought of every witty, "oh snap" answer to every confrontation they were ever in and then went back in time carefully editing their history.


I will read the next one, because I've been told this is the weakest of the series and books 4 & 5 are awesome.