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* Fills my Bridget Jones fix

* Chick-lit fluffy goodness

* Cadbury references abound



* Romance triangle/dilemma is weak.

* Oblivious or selfish?

* Key incident is glossed over


I started out loving this book and quickly found myself not wanting to open it on my Kindle.


The main character starts in a way that most chick lit heroines do -- dead-end job, recently dumped, out-shined by a female relative, and has a ridiculously hot male BFF.


As the book progressed I found myself really not liking the main character. She was not oblivious, she was self-centered and treated her friends really poorly. Everything was "poor poor pitiful me," but I just kept thinking, "you've brought this on yourself."


In terms of style, you could really tell this was a first novel. There are a lot of scenes and lines that seem to be thrown in at random or not fully developed. The worst offender was [spoiler] Cynthia almost being raped.[/spoiler] It's glossed over, and could have served as the key incident for the second half novel, without being such a dramatic subject matter.