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* Made for a great "long car ride" novel

* Awesome audiobook narrator

* It's easy to pop in and out of the Alex Cross world



* James Patterson's descriptions of women

* Why is there so (so) much exposition and explanation of random things

* Why is everybody sexy/oversexed? Seriously I thought my cd had been switched with 50 Shades.

* Does JP get paid to drop brand names in his books now?


Car trips over an hour always involve me grabbing an audiobook from the local library. I get too antsy with music and need something to soothe my mind as I put some miles on my tires. I've found that mystery novels are the perfect type of audiobook for me, as they keep me interested, but if I zone out for a minute or two, I don't really miss anything.


All of that to say, "I wasn't expecting much from this novel." I like the character of Alex Cross, I like the mysteries, and I like that they are fast paced. This one is interesting because it brings The Mastermind back into the picture, giving us two cases to solve.


The main case was interesting, as it dealt with the idea of modern vampires (even JP can't escape the trend). There is a lot of weird sex stuff going on that I felt was way over the top.[spoiler] Seriously, the whole section about the boys having sex with their parents, and the way that everyone immediately wanted in their pants???[/spoiler]


My biggest problems were with style. I don't remember JP name dropping quite so heavily in earlier books -- everything from pop music stars, to recently published books, and brand names. The whole thing comes off like a grandpa trying to be cool, where you roll your eyes at their outdated use of "radical" and think Oh Grandpa!

And the giant chunks of exposition. Seriously, it was like he spent so much time researching each place that he wanted to share all the notes he had collected. These are jarring and take you out of the story.


Finally, when did Patterson's descriptions of women get borderline creepy? Everything was about their fit, trim bodies.