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Confessions of a Call Center Gal - Lisa  Lim Finally, it's over. But only after the unnecessary wrap-up chapter.This book was the epitome of "telling" rather than showing. It's rare for me to give a book one star, but the writing was that bad. It was like the author went "let me throw in as many pop-culture references as possible," and then spent the next two paragraphs explaining the jokes and remarks. She even had a scene on Michigan Ave at Thanksgiving that failed to evoke any emotion. Chicago is an amazing city and after they light Michigan Ave, the area is so vibrant. We were told there were lights but weren't put into the scene at all.It could have started with "Dear Diary," because it was like reading someone's enhanced journal entries -- you know, when the bones of the incident are the same but the journaler puts down how they wish they would have handled it rather than the truth.