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Become (Desolation, #1) - Ali Cross Pros:* Fast-paced* Action-packed* Does not feature vampiresCons:* Fast-pacing lead to underdeveloped characters with no explanations of 180 degree turns and very little set up.* The mix of Christianity, Norse Lore and made-up terms was killing me! I know there are a lot of comparisons of Loki to Lucifer out there, but sometimes it just felt jumbled and inconsistent. Finally, and I say this as a Whedon-ite, can we please stop with all the Buffy references? Short-cutting to "he looked liked Spike," or referencing that a fight scene "looked like Buffy," cuts away from the reading. I get it, we all love all things Joss, but my "fan girl alarm" goes off immediately and I'm pulled out of the story. Not to mention there are people out there who have never seen Buffy.