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Inexcusable - Chris Lynch Pros:* Unreliable narrator* Interesting use of contemporary action and backstory* Great development/pacingCons:* Unfulfilling ending * True first person narrativeSo, everything that made me not like this book is why I love this book. This is such a fantastic example of not only an unreliable narrator, but a true first person narrative. Not only do we only know what the main character knows, we only see it through the prism of his perceptions. By the end you understand how badly broken not only the narrator is, but his entire family -- and how wrong his "truth" is. The end is unfulfilling only in that the main character does not get the comeuppance that one expects from an award-winning YA novel. He doesn't learn his lesson, or go to jail. However, this character faces a much harsher punishment, which is the destruction of his carefully constructed reality.