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Dare Me - Megan Abbott Pros:* Competitive Cheerleading* Narrative structure stays true to first person* Mean girls* Dark undercurrentsCons:* Author gets caught up in language* Style over substance in places* No one to root forCheerleading, mean girls, high school oh my! Yes, these girls are dark and horrible, but we are a productive of our environment. Abbott does such a fantastic job of dropping small hints that fill in the issues, problems and back stories of these girls. I absolutely loved that this was a novel that happened below the surface. Underneath the carefully crafted sentences and words selected with precision, the story roiled. I do think there were places where the author tried a bit too hard with the language, where keeping to style got in the way of the meaning. But overall, I really enjoyed the language of the novel, the way sentences carried the cadence of a cheerleading routine -- short and punchy.