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Ready Player One - Ernest Cline Split rating: 5 Stars for the parts that take place in 2044. 1 Star for the giant info dumps. Pros:* Dystopian future where everyone escapes by logging on* Charlie and the Chocolate Factory style contest* Geeks uniteCons:* Giant info dump sections that read as though they were copied out of wikipedia* Over-explanation of all things 80s* We get it, you speak geek. You have hard-nerd cred. Can we get back to the story now?This book had a split personality to me. Half of this novel was a fantastic modern Charlie and the Chocolate factory, where a boy can overcome the dystopian future, beat the bad the bad guys, save the girl, and solve all his problems. The world was neat. It seemed eerily plausible, from the stacked trailers, to the return of indentured servitude, to the giant multinational corporation trying to control everyone's access. Unfortunately, the other half was over explanation of the 1980s and video game references. I get that the average YA reader might not get all the references, but at one point (5 pages of "look at all my nerd knowledge") I was ready to return the book. In fact the only reason that I kept going was because it was a Monthly Group Read. I found myself skimming paragraphs because the info dumps were ridiculous. Cline often comes off like the guy who doesn't get a big enough laugh, or recognition so he has to point out "that was a joke, get it." to get the reaction he wants. Or gives page long explanations of something until we pat him on the back and say, "gosh you're smart."