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The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June - Robin Benway Pros:* What if you woke up with super powers?* What if you still had to go to high school?Cons:* A bit fluffy* It feels like there is subtext, but it's buried too deep. I enjoyed this novel a lot, which is odd because I usually don't like multiple POVs. I thought the author did a good job giving the girls each a unique voice, so even if you skipped the chapter header, you knew who's head you were in. The thing that bugged me was that the whole novel it felt like there was something going on behind the surface, for instance May's feelings of loneliness and her power being invisibility, but it never came around for the other girls. Also, and it may be because I just finished Lauren Oliver's "Before I Fall," but I kept expecting that there would some consequence for changing the future.