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Crossed  - Ally Condie * * * Really a 1.5 * * *Pros:* Uh...the story continues...Cons:* No action* Wait, Ky & Cassia love each other? Where's the spark?* Who's head are we in? Because the sound exactly the same!The second novel in the Matched trilogy just drags on. There is no tension, just dragged out time walking around some canyonsThis story could have been so much more interesting if we had stayed in Cassia's head and kept the novel from her perspective. Instead of saying, "she spent months in work camps" I would have rather this novel been spent actually in the camps, and having the relationship with Indie and the knowledge gleaned from Hunter play out through that scenario. You know, because then there might have been tension. Also, I don't get that she is in love with Ky. Maybe it's Condie's way of trying to boost the love triangle, but all she did with this novel is make Xander the way more exciting and interesting choice. And Ky's aboutface? WTF? This characters act in bizarre ways and say things completely out of character all the time. It's almost as though the author didn't have a good sense of where her characters were going throughout the novel, so she would simply spin them in a different direction to fit the story action.